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Destiny has declared that Jasher Makawe is to put an end to the evil that possesses the Kingdom of Aerlind.  Only with his ancient magic, can he complete this task. Jasher journeys through the finer aspects of Dream Magic and discovers many Hidden Secrets… 

…and his love for Faela. 

With a new King on the throne, peace and prosperity for Aerlind are not distant objectives.  The tyrannical, former Queen, Shalora, has other plans, however.  As they proceed, defeating evil will become more difficult. 

Many obstacles stand in Jasher’s way.

His doubts.

His training.

His feelings for Faela.   

Will Jasher be able to bring peace to Aerlind? 

  Print :  $9.95  
Kindle: $1.49
Please note that while our website only indicates shipments within the United States, we may be able to ship to other countries.  Please contact us for a special order for shipping outside the United States.   This is a .mobi file.  Please transfer to Kindle device via USB cable.  After payment is received, the .mobi file will be emailed to you. Please allow 24 hours for .mobi file. Thank you.


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